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Interview with Elina Danielian
Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dear Elina, it is great to see you once again in Armenia, in the comfort of Jermuk.  How do you feel the atmosphere of Jermuk affects the quality of your chess?

It is always a pleasure to play in one’s homeland, but at the same time a greater feeling of responsibility.  In Jermuk, while the nature is beautiful and the air is so crisp, it nevertheless takes me a few days to acclimate.  To play chess at an altitude of 2000 meters is not so easy.
You had a fantastic result in Doha, sharing 1st-2nd places at the previous Grand Prix tournament.  You also had a great start in Kazaan.  What is the secret to your success?

Actually, I really don’t know.  Sometimes, a player is on his/her game, sometimes not.  In my case, this is most dependent on how well rested I am.  My most promising ideas and well formulated plans appear when I feel clear-headed.

You have had a pretty busy schedule leading up to this tournament.  Have you had sufficient time to rest up and prepare?  What specific goals have you set for yourself in this tournament?

Yes, prior to Jermuk I played in the European Championship and in the Kazan Grand Prix, not to mention the Chinese league games.  They were all tense events and I didn’t have so much time to rest.  Nevertheless, I was able to spend 10 days at the beach.

I think you’d agree that in general in the Grand Prix tournaments, worthy and strong players are chosen to participle.  Do you consider anyone a favorite?

All the participants in the Grand Prix tournaments are indeed very strong, and any one of them can emerge victorious.  It all depends on how the tournament proceeds.

What would you identify as the most important traits in a person? How do you envision the world champion?

Most of all, I appreciate generosity, but other traits are also important, such as decency, kindness, and especially a good sense of humor.  These are the same characteristics I envision in the world champion.

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