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Interview with Hou Yifan
Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dear Hou Yifan, I know that this is not your first time in Armenia, and you have also been in Jermuk. What are your impressions this time?

Yes, I was in Jermuk for the Women Grand Prix in 2010 and was in Yerevan for the World Girls Championship in 2006. When I arrived this time, I found Jermuk has undergone a big change. Several new buildings are being built, there is considerable improvements in the roads, etc. I do like this place with its nature, fresh air and kind people.

Chess fans are accustomed to your success in Grand Prix tournaments. Is there any Grand Prix tournament that impressed you more and what was the reason?

I cannot say the most impressive one, as every stage is pretty strong and exciting. Maybe my first experience in Grand Prix is very impressive, not only because it’s the first time, also for the reason that I played quite well in first seven rounds (6 points), but less so from round 8.

What expectations and objectives do you have from this tournament?

I have no particular goal regarding the results. I’ll just try my best and focus on the quality of the games, and try to play wonderful and attractive games.

All Grand Prix tournaments have rather strong participants. What can you say about the participants of this tournament?

Every player is really strong here. There’s no one who could be considered a weak chess player.

If we ask other players “How do you envision the world champion?”…in this case, we’ll ask you what character traits would you like to change in yourself?

Actually I’m satisfied with who I am right now. Maybe in my future growth, I will find some traits I’d like to revise.
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