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Interview with Humpy Koneru
Thursday, 26 July 2012

Dear Humpy Koneru, how do you feel in Armenia? How do you like the city of Jermuk?

This is my first visit to this country. I like the beautiful mountains of Jermuk and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

Being World Vice-Champion, many chess fans expect the highest results from you.  According to the experts, you played quite successfully in Kazan. What was the reason for your excellent performance?

Well before the Grand Prix in Kazan I played the Women World Rapid Blitz in Batumi, I think this helped me to be in good shape.

What expectations do you have from this tournament?

I don’t want to bother about the results. I just want to play good chess.

All Grand Prix tournaments have rather strong participants. What can you say about the participants of this tournament? Do you think there are favorites?

Every participant has their own specialty and the tournament has strong contenders.

It is interesting to know the opinion of the World Vice-Champion about: “What character traits do you appreciate in a person?”

I like people with honesty, and a humorous and smiling face.
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