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Interview with Lilit Mkrtchian
Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dear Lilit, once again you find yourself playing chess in the city of Jermuk.  It seems that being in Jermuk positively affects the quality of your play, as for example your impressive result in 2010.  What is the secret of Jermuk?

Beautiful nature, fresh air, and a pleasant atmosphere all combine to result in conditions which encourage good chess.  Let’s wait and see what happens this time around.

Experts have commented on your recent games as being quite interesting.  Either you are playing extremely aggressively or in a very calm manner.  Is this your style or are you trying to be innovative in this regard?

I think that this depends on my mood.  There are days I feel more combative, other days I feel more serene.

I know that you have dedicated quite a lot of time to prepare for this tournament. What goal have you set for yourself this time around and what expectations of yourself do you have?

First and foremost, to play attractive chess and to compete with the world’s strongest.

I think you would agree that in general in the Grand Prix tournaments, worthy and strong players are chosen to participle.  Do you consider anyone a favorite?

A lot depends on what shape the top rated players are in.

What would you identify as the most important traits in a person? How do you envision the world champion?

Kindness, honesty, and good will.  I envision the world champion as having all these traits as well as humility.

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