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Interview with Nadezhda Kosintseva
Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dear Nadezhda, this is not your first time in Armenia; we had the pleasure of seeing you in Jermuk in 2010.  Please share with us your impressions of Jermuk and comment if you will how you feel here.

Two years ago I was in Jermuk with my sister, and without a second though I’d visit again.  I feel wonderful here, considering the climate, the natural beauty, the fresh mountainous air, all of which make me feel good.
Nadezhda, you have been a participant in several Grand Prix tournaments.  How would you assess your results?

For me, my participation in Jermuk is the last in the series of Grand Prix tournaments.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any great performances in any of the Grand Prix tournaments to date.  Regardless, I can say that I accumulated significant experience playing in the most prestigious tournaments in the world.

In the 2010 installment of the Grand Prix, your sister Tatiana was a participant and you were here assisting her.  Now you are the one playing and the whole chess world is following your games.  What goals have you set for yourself here in Jermuk and what expectations of yourself do you have?

Because lately I have been unable to demonstrate the kind of results which I would envision, I have modest expectations for this tournament.  I hope to perform in a stable manner and avoid extraneous emotional expression.

I think you would agree that in general in the Grand Prix tournaments, worthy and strong players are chosen to participle.  Do you consider anyone a favorite?

To be honest, in the past I have not had the opportunity to participate in such a strong tournament.  Nevertheless, I can state with conviction that all the players assembled here are in fact favorites.  Having said that, it must be acknowledged that women’s chess is somewhat unpredictable, and any one of us may emerge from the group and stand out.

What would you identify as the most important traits in a person? How do you envision the world champion?

Honesty, decency, kindness.  As to envisioning the world champion, I’d like to see in that person someone with a high level of charisma, someone modern and in tune with the world around them while at the same time someone who is multifaceted in terms of their own personality and character.
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