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Interview with Nino Khurtsidze
Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nino, I know that you have been in Armenia many times.  Please share your impressions of our country and of Jermuk.

That’s right, I’ve visited Armenia many times.  I very much enjoy Armenia’s warmth and hospitality and it is truly a pleasure to be here.   Of course, the city of Jermuk is beautiful, but it is a bit high in terms of altitude. Of the previous Grand Prix tournaments, which was the most interesting and why?

I think all the previous Grand Prix events were quite interesting and strong tournaments.  It is difficult for me to single one out from the rest.

What goal have you set for yourself this time around and what expectations of yourself do you have?

My inclusion in this tournament came about somewhat by happenstance.  For that reason, it is that much more interesting to play here.  I am aspiring to register a good result, but so far I haven’t been successful.

I think you would agree that in general in the Grand Prix tournaments, worthy and strong players are chosen to participle.  Do you consider anyone a favorite?

I think that in all tournaments there are favorites, and this tournament is no exception.  Despite the fact that all of the participants are indeed strong, I would have to name Hou Yifan and Humpy Koneru as the favorites.

What would you identify as the most important traits in a person? How do you envision the world champion?

For me, the most important traits are sincerity, responsibility, and diligence.  What pertains the world champion, I guess I am not too worried about that.
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